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I sometimes double as photographer and writer, and yet sometimes I don't. Sometimes I ponder up passages to emphasize my photographs, yet sometimes I don't. Some days there will be blog entries, yet some days there won't. There are moments I believe my head will explode if I continue with escapism and ignore the sullen guilt of having not written. Yet, there are moments I believe it best to care less about being an author and care more about doing nothing more than you feel like doing. Some days I write. Other days I despise the peculiar literary trend and pervasive habit of writers inexplicably placing exclamation points at the end of otherwise unremarkable sentences, and I kick my keyboard far away.


Some days; many days, I do not write.

Some days, writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.

Never presume to know what you may find here, should you one day find anything here at all.

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